Bracelets For Change

Wear this bracelet to be conscious of words, thoughts, or habits that are not for your highest good. Use it to speak to yourself and others with loving kindness, to find peace within, and revel in life's good.

To make the change you want, any time you are conscious of an unwanted word, thought, or habit, move the bracelet to your other wrist. Make this commitment to yourself, and you will find the beauty of who you are is radiating throughout the world.

I started making these bracelets when I heard about the rubber bands for a No Complaint World. I loved the concept, and thought a pretty little bracelet would be my preference to a rubber band.

I started making the the bracelets with a variety of small crystals, stones, glass, and seed beads, in an array of colors on elastic thread. I realized that they could be used for any change I wanted to make and any intention I wanted to set though not at the same time.

Each comes with instructions for use, and they look lovely alone or paired with others.